How to Play

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  • Each week, you face off head-to-head against someone else in your league.
  • For each matchup, you and your opponent start off with virtual $1,000 budgets.
  • Bet on spreads, moneylines, and game totals—your score is your total payout. (Betting rules)
  • Simply out-earn your opponent to win your weekly matchup!


  • Set your league buy-in at the start of the season.
  • In addition, each week the losers pay the winners the weekly wager (settled offline).
  • Rise through the standings by winning your matchups.
  • Finish the season with the best record to win your league and the buy-in money.
  • Earn the right to call yourself the best gambler!
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  • Create your league and decide on a few rules, such as season length, number of players, and sports allowed.
  • Determine the stakes offline:
    1. Your league buy-in is paid out at the end of the season (ex. $50/person).
    2. The weekly wager is paid out by losers to winners every week (ex. $10/week).
  • Finally, invite your friends!
  • Or, join an existing league by clicking the link sent by your league manager.


There is a max bet size so you can't YOLO your entire budget on one bet.

When you spend part of your weekly budget, you do not get it back, even if you win your bet. Instead, that money spent counts towards your score if you win your bet.

This ensures that each person in a matchup can only spend $1000 on bets each week.

For example, let's say you start with a $1000 budget and place a $100 bet to win $100.

  • If you win the bet, you have a $900 budget and a score of $200.
  • If you lose the bet, you have a $900 budget and a score of $0.

You can't bet on both sides of a line because our odds don't have vig. Therefore you could just bet on both sides of the line and guarantee yourself an even payout. This is neither fun nor strategic!


Betting is done with virtual budgets and no deposits are required. Similar to fantasy, you handle league dues and weekly wagers offline.

We do not have an official app, but we have a Home Screen app for iOS/Android that looks and feels like a regular app!

  1. Open in your mobile browser.
  2. Press the Share button (iOS) or the 3-dot menu icon (Android).
  3. Press the Add to Home Screen button.
  4. Press Add.
  5. The Gambo app will now be on your home screen!

We recommend you model dues after regular fantasy leagues. Ex. $50 buy-in, and the top 2-3 players win money at the end of the season.

Before the season, decide on a standard wager for each matchup. For example, each week in each matchup, the loser pays the winner $10.

We'll keep track of how much everyone's up or down throughout the season.

We currently do not have playoffs, but we have plans to add them in the future.

We are not a sportsbook, so we do not need to charge vig! Enjoy betting on fair lines.


We are working on adding parlays to the game—stay tuned.

Basketball player.