This webpage enlists the policy which governs the privacy of information and data as provided by the Players/Users of the Website It outlines the commitment of the Website towards the privacy of its users. Hence this privacy forms a part of Terms & Conditions of and should be read along with other legal documents found on

The terms we, us, the website and PlayGambo refer to and the terms "you" and "your" refer to you, as a user, player, or account holder of The term "personal information" means the information that you as the user provide to the website which personally identifies you to be contacted or identified, such as your name, phone number, cellphone number, email address, and any other data that is tied to such information.

Purpose of this Privacy Policy

The intent of this Privacy policy document is to inform you the type of Personal Data the website process when you use our website, why we process this data and how we use this data. By this Privacy Policy we intend to provide Players/Users of a harmless, protected and dependable environment to play games of skill on its website & to use the Website, its Products & Services. By using & playing on the Website, the Players/Users completely and absolutely agree that PlayGambo shall not be held responsible in any manner. Players/Users understand and agree that any data or material that gets communicated over the Internet using varied mediums in the form of Chat, E-Mail, Notifications, User Login Authentication, Registration etc. is inherently exposed to cyber security risks or threats, and the website shall be not held responsible for Cyber Crime or cyber security breach. In addition by help of this privacy policy, we intend to get the Players/Users agree to the terms as mentioned in this privacy policy. If the Players/Users dont agree with the terms & conditions mentioned in this Privacy Policy, or any legal document mentioned on this website then such player/user may choose not to use the services of website & its partners.

Information the Website collects

Players/Users should understand that the website to provide an amazing gaming experience collects information from the user, performs analysis, stores their data, and manages such information collected to provide amazing services in a correct and ethical lawful manner. It is advised to the Players/Users of the website that they should completely and explicitly read, and acknowledge to this practice after understanding.

Purpose of Information Collected

a) Technical Reasons and to enhance Functionality: The website collects certain information automatically and stores the data, such as the IP address of the Player/User, browser type and language, the date and the time the Player/User visited. When Players/Users visit the website, cookies may be left on the computer or on the mobile browser they use to browse the website. A cookie is a small text file that uniquely helps in identifying the user & browser used. The cookies stored by the website may be used to enhance the user experience on the website. In addition, cookies can be used for authentication, managing the game or for other security purposes. In certain circumstances, Cookies may also be stored on the user’s machine by an advertiser on when the user clicks on an advertisement which may be displayed on, in such case cookies are managed by the advertisers and not by the website

b) Promotional And Referral Purposes: By way of this Privacy Policy Players/Users give an absolute and unconditional right to to offer, display , and send “Promotional and Other Offers” on a timely basis to Players/Users who access and use the services of the Website, and have registered on the website. Players/Users have the right to “opt out” of receiving any such promotional communications either by choosing to opt out where such option is made available on the Website or by the way of an E-Mail which one receives from the website, or at any time by sending an E-Mail, or by writing to Customer Service at .

c) For the Purpose of Analytics & Website Statistics: to popularize its website and to offer its users a great fulfilling experience may use technical applications or other analytical methods to gather Website traffic data or to statistical information. Such data information as collected may be used for advertising, marketing, promotional activities or for determining the usefulness or acceptance of the Website in the Gaming Industry.

d) Account Creation & Registration: To play games on the website & to use the services provided by, Players/Users shall have to register and create an account on which is protected and is referred to as the login details of the user which includes a username and a password that is only known to the Player/User. It is required and strongly advised by the website, that Players/Users are made responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this login information. The website stores login details in encrypted format on its server.

e) Advertisement & Marketing Purposes: By way of this Privacy policy, Players/Users approve and admit that upon use of the services of and if they use the Referral Program of the website to refer someone, then will communicate by sending E-Mails or SMS text messages to such referred person on the behalf of the Player/User and the E-Mail message or text message with its encrypted header message may carry the email address or cellphone number of the Player/User as the email or cellphone from which such a message has been sent. Hence, via this Privacy Policy Players/Users give an absolute and unconditional right to to display and offer online and offline advertisements to the Players/Users of the Website, and to use the information they provide to the website to better enhance the user experience.

f) Compliance & For Legal Purposes: offers skill based games and adheres to all legal laws in India. Hence, Players/Users who wish to participate or play in any paid tournaments / skill games / or test of skill competitions as managed & organized by, then such Player/User will be required to provide information that is collected for compliance reasons. This includes the full Name of the User, his/her Date of Birth, Cellphone number, Correct Mailing address, PAN number required for tax purposes (as applicable) and other data which the website finds feasible and essential to comply to the governing law.

Right to Share Information with other Third Parties as per its Policies, Legal Documentation, Disclosure, Legality as found on this website and as per any Applicable Laws for the time it continues to provide service as a legal entity shall have an unconditional right to save, manage, process, provide or share the data information as provided by its Players/Users. Such Legal Laws & Jurisdiction, or legal binding may include Indian law or Foreign Law. The website may share the data information of its Players/Users for the purposes to satisfy such legal requirements and the data it could share may include but not limited to the following:

(a) The website goes through a Change Of Ownership: If should ever file an application for bankruptcy, or become insolvent, let go all or part of its assets, or handover substantially all or part of its applicable assets to a third party or be taken over by a third party, or get merged with a third party, then is entitled and has unconditional right to part with the personal information or any other data of its Players/Users as provided via the Products & Services of this website to such possible or succeeding business or merger entity.

(b) Fraud Prevention: To protect the company, the website or any other users of the website against a fraud including the use of stolen credit cards, or any other fraudulent or criminal activity (including any chargeback or other reversal of a payment) the company may check details of the user against, or share their Personal Data with other online gaming sites, banks, credit card companies or other fraud prevention agencies. As per government requests the website may part with information about the user.

(c) Security and Compliance: To adhere to legal guidelines and to meet compliance to law shall have complete and unrestricted right to carry out a security review or due diligence at any time to validate its Players/Users. Such an exercise can be carried out to determine the registration data provided by the Players/Users, their identity age, or to verify the use of the Services. In addition the company can verify the financial transactions conducted by the users to check for potential breach of Legal Documents or any other Applicable Law, whether Indian or Foreign. The Player/User authorizes to share information in regards to such validation or due diligence.

(d) Online or Offline Marketing, Research, Analysis: By medium of this Privacy Policy the Website holds the right to part with registration information of its Player/User with other third party services which the company may appoint to conduct market research or Search engine optimizing firms or to advertising companies for services they provide to the company to help better user experience on its website.

(e) Compliance to Legal Issues: With any Law Enforcement Agency of India or worldwide or with any Person or Organization as per the requirements of any Applicable Indian or Foreign Laws , the company and its website without bias or any prejudice will have the unconditional Right to part with personal Information or data including information, but not limited to, security passwords, financial Information such as Bank Account Numbers or Credit Card or Debit Card Numbers or any other Payment Instrument details, such as mailing Address, E-Mails, Cellphone Numbers, etc.).

(f)Information of Winners of Tournaments or Contests: from time to time may conduct contest or tournaments as part of its promotions. For such acts the Website may use the details of its Players/Users such as the Name, the Username and the State from where the Player/User is playing the game. Such promotions, contest, events, are directed by the Legal Documents of the company, and the Player/User agrees to let the website share their personal information for such acts.

Prevent Children to Use

The services of and the games offered on the website are not intended for or directed at people under the age of eighteen (18). If it comes to the website or any of its representatives knowledge that a minor has attempted to or has provided personal information to create an account to use the services of, then the company has the right to remove such information from its records in a secure manner and can disable the account of such Player/User. In addition, any person who informs the company and its representatives that his/her age is eighteen (18) years or above, agrees to the company policy to be investigated & entitles the website to find and verify his/her Personal Information.

Use Software to promote Fair Play strives to promote fair play on its website. The solution of the company & as offered online includes functionalities that have been developed to notice & find out the use of automated programs. These programs use non-human automation techniques & methods to play on the site. Such program are also referred to as ‘Bot’ software applications or programs. Such use of Bot applications violates the Terms & Conditions of the company & its website. By agreeing to this privacy policy, the Player/User provides unconditional consent to to use methods, software, third-party services and other techniques to promote and fair play and avoid use of any means which is detrimental to other players.

The company may use software applications, code or manual screening processes which enable to make its website a cheat-free environment. Currently the solution of uses software which has ability to scan list of active software applications running on a client user machine at the time of playing game on In addition, the company uses software solution to ascertain tampering with client side software code. If the company finds an active process running on a user machine to suspicious or it finds the user tampering with the client side code then the company has the right to terminate an active session of the Player/User and disable the account while terminating his current registration or any future registration attempt.

Reference to External Websites, its blog on its website, and its marketing efforts may hyperlink to other websites. does not have any control over such websites & the content of such websites. When Player/User visit such websites by clicking links on website, blog or marketing advertising material then it’s the responsibility of the Player/User to understand the legal requirements of such websites.

Option to withdraw information or change details

Players/Users has the option of not giving the information & data requested by or to change the information they have provided to the website at any time. Player/User can also opt to withdraw the information or data given by them or opt to restrict the website from parting with any information or data as per the Privacy Policy or any other Legal Documents of the Website. Any such act of withdrawing or restricting the sharing of data information gives unconditional right to to stop services for such a Player/User. The Player/User will have no objection if the services are disabled due to such reasons. It should be noted that any such taking back of consent to disseminate information or data shall be provided to in writing to

Modification by Players/Users of Personal Information Provided

Players/Users are strongly encouraged to provide correct information to the website at all times and they may correct or modify any information or data provided by them to provided such correction is not against Privacy Policy or other Legal Documents of the company.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy may change its privacy policy when it finds feasible and essential in the interest of its Player/Users or to comply with law. It is strongly advised to Player/Users to keep them updated with changes by visiting the website and its privacy policy section regularly. While, has no obligation to inform the Players/Users about any changes in its Privacy Policy or other of its Legal documents, the website may choose to intimate the Player/User about changes to the Privacy policy. Hence, Players/Users are strongly encouraged to keep their contact details updated with the website, including valid cellphone number and valid email address.

Information & Data Holding Period

As per law, is required to share data with legal entities if required by law. However, the company will not keep any Player/User information or data provided more than what the guidelines of the law requires for the purposes for which such information or data needs to be used or is required under any Law for the time the company & the website provides products & services.


Copying or Unauthorized use of any Legal Documents of as listed online or offline is strictly prohibited as per the provisions of Indian Copyright Act, 1957 and other Intellectual Property Rights. Excellanto Ventures is the owner of and reserves the right to prosecute any offender.

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