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We believe it is completely legal to play online games offered on The laws of gaming in India, does not stop a person to play a game of skill or imposes any penalty, punishment on a user/ player when he or she plays a game which test’s his/her talent. The games presently offered on like Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker are games which involve substantial skill and intelligence. In addition, the games which offers have explicitly been declared to be legal by statutes governing gaming laws and by various judgments passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and/or various High Courts of India. Thus following legal and judicial viewpoints, approvals and verification from top legal attorneys and law firms in India we believe that any game which requires skill and tests a talent of a user is both Legal and Non Punishable in India. For further enquiries players are welcome to address our administrators by writing to address on our 'Contact Us' tab.

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